Funding of the Organization

  1. We have a Success Trust Fund to which twenty five benevolent members have contributed rupees one hundred thousand each (Rs.100, 000/=) and deposited in the bank (fixed deposit). For our office expenses we use the interest of this account.

Contributors to Success Trust Fund

  1. From time to time Success Ladies Front conducts sales and other fund raising activities ,mainly to run our pre – schools.
  2. We have some fund raising project such benefit shows etc. in addition our own members contribute generously.
  3. But this is hardly enough to conduct all our activities some of which are massive projects therefore we have to depend a lot on contributions from well wishers and patriots, either in the form of financial contributions or sponsoring any particular project totally or partly.

For the benefit of those who wish to make contribution our postal address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers are given above

Our general account number – 000760000205 Sampath Bank, Dalada Vidiya, Kandy.

contributions comming for our social service activities is tax free in Sri Lanka


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