Aranthalawa project

On 2nd June 1987, thirty three(33) Buddhist Monks were hacked to death by the terrorists at Aranthalawa which was a dangerous spot for the travelers in the Ampara – Mahaoya Road, due to frequent attacks by terrorists. The reason for this is , it was a lonely location, used by LTTE to cross to the central hills from the East. We thought the best action to remedy this is to populate the area.

Together with the STF and well wishers including Helabima foundation, we commenced a housing project and built 12 houses initially and settled young Home Guards. In addition we built a temple on an adjacent hillock and settled a monk. An irrigation tank was constructed by blocking a nearby stream.  A monument was built at the site of massacre, in memory of Venerable Hagoda Indasara and other monks who late their lives.

Thereafter, more and more houses were built by well wishers and Aranthalawa became a reasonably safe place and a passage to the hills, by the terrorists was blocked.

* monument built in memory of Ven.Hegoda Indasara and 30 monks who sacrificed lives at Aranthalawa. The rock in the background is the site where the masaker.


*A house constructed by Success, Dr. Sarath Dissanayaka at right hand corner


The tank built by SUCCESS and funded by Helabima foundation


Ven.Andaulpotha Buddhasra who escaped death but made permanently diasabled by the aranthalawa attack receving some donationsfrom SUCCESS including a refrigerator


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